Be a Leaf.


A fantastic reminder as we persevere to our goals! Be a leaf! Realize that it takes time to get to where you want to go and remember to also enjoy every bit of the ride! 🙂 Thank you, Zachary, for the reminder of patience, time, and sense of zen to help us get to where we strive to be!

quickmeups - short uplifting messages.

Leaves can teach us a lot about life.  Leaves sprout, locate the sun and begin to work.  When there is a storm and the wind is blowing, leaves don’t fight the wind, they don’t fight the storm, they flip upside down and sideways, they go with it.  Finally when a leaf’s time comes, and it begins to fall towards the Earth, it falls ever so gently… pulled by gravity, but pushed by the wind, it follows its own path with no resistance.  Be a Leaf.

Falling Leaf Be a Leaf Positivity Inspiration Life Daily Motivation quickmeups Photo Credit: Jesse Kruger.

Take a moment and reflect on the path of a falling leaf.  It flutters, relaxed, moving slowly downward until a breath of wind pushes it sideways or lifts it up.  The leaf doesn’t resist nor does it mind.  The leaf just moves as it should.  It floats ever towards its destination and will eventually get there, although it may land far…

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