Pushing Forward…


Hi guys! Apologies for being a bit M.I.A….took some much needed R&R with the hubby! 🙂

All has been well! Still living, learning, and loving Paleo! Feeling fantastic, fit, and strong! Hubby has been getting to enjoy all the meals I make now and I don’t think he has ever complimented my food so much! Makes my heart happy! ❤ I just LOVE to cook!!!

My PT gave me the clear to try a bit of impact cardio so I gave it a whirl yesterday. My knee was not happy and I was bummed. 😞 I do not do well with having to take steps back. But I will NOT give up; I will keep pushing and persevering through this! Taking some advice from my PT, I plan to try and stay on-top of the pain with Aleve, which seems to help but I don’t want to be taking it always. My sweet friend, Janelle, shared some of her Deep Blue DoTerra Essential Oil with me and I put it on my knee before bed last night and my knee felt amazing this morning! I am all for natural/holistic medicine so hoping it will continue to help so I don’t have to take Aleve everyday.

What helps you push through tough times? I would love to hear some advice on how you work through struggles and/or feeling defeated.

More updates to come! Exciting things happening…

And remember…

…and through perseverance and determination, we can do anything we set our minds and our hearts to! ❤️