Jennifer Sygo: Eating like a caveman (or woman) makes good sense — why the Paleo diet must be taken seriously, even if more study is needed


Excellent article on a recent study done on the Paleo ‘diet’. Thought I would share. 🙂 Enjoy!


Be a Leaf.


A fantastic reminder as we persevere to our goals! Be a leaf! Realize that it takes time to get to where you want to go and remember to also enjoy every bit of the ride! 🙂 Thank you, Zachary, for the reminder of patience, time, and sense of zen to help us get to where we strive to be!

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Leaves can teach us a lot about life.  Leaves sprout, locate the sun and begin to work.  When there is a storm and the wind is blowing, leaves don’t fight the wind, they don’t fight the storm, they flip upside down and sideways, they go with it.  Finally when a leaf’s time comes, and it begins to fall towards the Earth, it falls ever so gently… pulled by gravity, but pushed by the wind, it follows its own path with no resistance.  Be a Leaf.

Falling Leaf Be a Leaf Positivity Inspiration Life Daily Motivation quickmeups Photo Credit: Jesse Kruger.

Take a moment and reflect on the path of a falling leaf.  It flutters, relaxed, moving slowly downward until a breath of wind pushes it sideways or lifts it up.  The leaf doesn’t resist nor does it mind.  The leaf just moves as it should.  It floats ever towards its destination and will eventually get there, although it may land far…

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Whole30 – Day 5


Definitely had the MOST fun, ever, at the gym this morning with my workout buddies! I don’t think I have laughed so hard while working out in a long time! And, we were laughing at the sort of things where you had to be there as there were ladies coming in for the next class looking at us like we were nuts. Too much fun, if that is even possible! 🙂 These e-cards about sum up our morning…

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Love it! 😀

Welp, it’s day 5 and I have got to say, I feel INCREDIBLE! No headaches, sugar cravings, or anger!!! (I did have an odd craving for a crunchy taco yesterday! Ha!) I know many would say, “it’s all in your head”, and that may be true but I don’t care. I am feeling fantastic and just get more excited for each day to come.

My poor mom, though, has had a consistent headache for the last four days 😦 Just breaks my heart. I know it is due to the removal of sugar and such but I hate seeing her hurting. Her sweet hubby checked in with me this morning to let me know how she was feeling and that he is so proud of her but is hard to see her not feeling well. We will help her through this! I am so proud of her and excited for her to see and feel the changes of a lifestyle without a bunch of unnecessary sugar!

I had coffee with a dear friend this morning. It was so wonderful to catch up as we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas! We were talking about working out and eating, as she is also taking her own challenge to help her with food sensitivities, and came to the point that it is not about perfection, it is about progress and balance! Couldn’t agree more or said it better myself.

If you are nervous to partake in something new, scared about trying a clean eating challenge, or having a hard time getting yourself back in the gym, just do it! Give it 5 days, 15 days, or 30! Start slow and work your way up! You’ll be so glad you did! Seriously? What is 30 days out of your year to try something that may better your life forever!?! My push for you today is to try something that scares you and please share it with me! Through perseverance, we can do anything we set our minds and hearts to! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend! ❤

Day 5

PreWorkout Snack: Small handful of cashews and macadamia nuts

Workout (at The Lean Lemon):  1 hour Cardio/Sculpt

PostWorkout Snack: Slice of turkey

Drinks All Day: WATER, coffee, & tea

Breakfast: Quiche with half of an apple

Lunch: Blueberry turkey patties with steamed green beans and ‘sautéed’ kale

Dinner: Salmon with avocado salsa, roasted cauliflower, and steamed bok choy