Pushing Forward…


Hi guys! Apologies for being a bit M.I.A….took some much needed R&R with the hubby! 🙂

All has been well! Still living, learning, and loving Paleo! Feeling fantastic, fit, and strong! Hubby has been getting to enjoy all the meals I make now and I don’t think he has ever complimented my food so much! Makes my heart happy! ❤ I just LOVE to cook!!!

My PT gave me the clear to try a bit of impact cardio so I gave it a whirl yesterday. My knee was not happy and I was bummed. 😞 I do not do well with having to take steps back. But I will NOT give up; I will keep pushing and persevering through this! Taking some advice from my PT, I plan to try and stay on-top of the pain with Aleve, which seems to help but I don’t want to be taking it always. My sweet friend, Janelle, shared some of her Deep Blue DoTerra Essential Oil with me and I put it on my knee before bed last night and my knee felt amazing this morning! I am all for natural/holistic medicine so hoping it will continue to help so I don’t have to take Aleve everyday.

What helps you push through tough times? I would love to hear some advice on how you work through struggles and/or feeling defeated.

More updates to come! Exciting things happening…

And remember…

…and through perseverance and determination, we can do anything we set our minds and our hearts to! ❤️




A Bit of Inspiration


As I went to get into the pool yesterday, I noticed that there was a chair and a prosthetic leg lying up against it outside of the lane next to me. When I looked down and saw the gentleman swimming, I got choked up and a smile came across my face. It was an absolute amazing thing to witness and I couldn’t get over how incredible of a swimmer he was when all he was able to use was his arms. Isn’t it just so incredibly inspirational to see someone not making any excuses and just getting after what they want to do, regardless of their limitations?

While I was swimming, my mind and body were just racing with positive thoughts and energy. I literally couldn’t stop smiling while I was swimming (which I guess is why my nose had been running all day from all the water I took in 😉 )! It is truly amazing how one person can give off such a vibe that it just sets your whole day right and reminded me that;

WE must do the things WE think WE cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

No matter what! This guy swimming with one leg was a great example of that! Sometimes we may think we can’t do something, get scared, or are unsure of trying something new but I absolute encourage you to just TRY. Even if you fail, you will never have to look back and question, “what if”.

I was unsure about partaking in the Whole30 thinking there was no way I would be able to stick to such a strict way of eating but I completed it and plan to continue on with paleo living. Deciding to dedicate myself to the program, being able to accomplish and see my results after the 30 days, helped open my eyes to not be so scared to try new things. Even if it fails or doesn’t stick at least I know that I will have put 100% of myself and tried.

With this new journey, I know I will make slips and mistakes along the way but I will never give up and I will keep pushing forward. It will forever be a learning experience and I am so excited to see where it all leads.

I encourage you all to…

do-one-thing-that-scares-youTry something that you have been scared try today. And even if you think it is impossible, remember what The Mad Hatter said to Alice;

Only if you believe it is.

Whatever you decide to try, give it a day, then a week, then 30-days, and maybe even a year! Please share with me what you tried or are going to try! I am here to support you and through perseverance, WE can do anything we set our minds and our hearts to!